Thursday, December 29, 2011

So... I got in another argument with her. But this time I ended it. I think this time it's for good. But I find myself crying so hard, I don't want it to be real. She was perfect except for a couple flaws that I couldn't put up with... We had a future set out for each other and I still love her with all my heart.

I told her I will not go running back to her but I already feel as if I need to.

Watching her crying her tears out in her car for several minutes on my surveillance cameras had burning tears rolling down my face.

It's only been a couple hours since. I'm already feeling dead inside. My life was nothing without her. I might as well be dead.


  1. What where the flaws you couldn't deal with?

    Surveillance cameras? Your my kind of guy!

  2. not sure if legit or cut n paste... *fry face*